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He’s being referred to as the new DiCaprio, and there’s a lot of hype about him

Timothée Chalamet is, to put it mildly, busy this year. Two films are being released almost simultaneously, and he is already shooting the next one. Call Me by Your Name was practically a stepping stone to stardom, and since then the biggest directors have been clamouring for it. But why all the fuss?

Time magazine recently called him the leader of the next generation, just as the sensation of “Chalamania” has not died down for years. The last time there was a similar (organised) adoration for actor Leonardo DiCaprio, under the name “Leomania”. Chalamet, who turned 26 in December, seems to have a cloud or a bubble around him that refuses to burst. And has been growing ever since he burst onto the public scene in 2017 in the film Call Me by Your Name alongside Armie Hammer.

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From then on, it’s as if he hasn’t stopped for a minute. He is currently promoting The Dune, in which she can be seen alongside Zendaya. Just as The French Dispatch is about to hit cinemas. He has also just released the trailer for the latest film adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in which he will play Willy Wonka, following Johnny Depp.

Timothée Chalamet seems to have made a conscious decision early on in his career to only act in films where he saw potential – his film repertoire includes a star-studded A-list filmography before he even hit the big time. We’ve compiled the most interesting information in a few points to give those who might not know him a clue.

Chalamet’s success list:

    • He and Ansel Elgort went to LaGuardia School of the Arts – they had a career in film at the same time, only Elgort went straight from auteur films to Hollywood blockbusters. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, with whom Chalamet was for a time a couple, also studied there.
    • Chalamet starred in Homeland for eight episodes and then appeared in 2014 in the film Among the Stars, playing teenager Matthew McConaughey, a role he thought would be his breakthrough, but he had to wait a while longer.
    • He’s not the only one in his family with an interest in the arts: his grandmother and mother were dancers on Broadway. Her sister also tried her hand at acting, while studying ballet in Paris.
    • Chalamet was nominated for An Academy Award for his performance in Call Me by Your Name.  He was 22 the youngest person in eighty years to receive this nomination.
    • He is fluent in French, if only because her father is of French descent. Learned Italian in a month for Call Me by Your Name.
    • He applied for the role of Spider-Man. Tom Holland ended up getting the part, which Chalamet doesn’t regret at all afterwards.
    • After Call Me by Your Name, he was already being considered by directors. Such as Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Greta Gerwig and Denis Villeneuve.

Timothée Chalemet films < his personality

Many compare the hype around Chalamet to the way Leonardo DiCaprio was elevated to the clouds after the Titanic. The phenomenon was then dubbed Leomania. Because at the time DiCaprio had slipped into the midst of the muscular Calvin Klein models and macho male ideals. And his boyish good looks, slightly feminine movement and charm were a refreshing influence in Hollywood.

Whatever character he played, he brought it all with such hip, natural grace that he was instantly identified with the role.

Like DiCaprio, Chalamet stands out a little from his fellow actors. Given a neighborhood guy type of guy. He seems at a glance to be someone you would give away your secrets to without a second thought.

Timothée Chalamet is also androgynous, neutral in his dressing, slightly feminine in his movements, and sufficiently masculine in his appearance. (He also has a difficult-to-pronounce name.)

Of course, it’s an actor’s job to be able to play extreme characters with believability. But Timothée Chalamet is particularly easy to believe. He’s as good playing a drug addict in The Beautiful Boy as he is playing a callous heartbreaker in Lady Bird or a gay, curious guy in Call Me By Your Name.

In 2018, the Guardian predicted that within a few years, the whole world would know him. And because of his versatility, it’s really hard not to like him. Jennifer Lawrence has repeatedly spoken about how much she adores the actor, as has Meryl Streep.

And tweeters started using the #internetboyfriend tag years ago. It is used for stars who fall into this not-so-macho, but more emotional, likeable category. Keanu Reeves is a perfect example, as are DiCaprio, and Adam Driver.

Timothée Chalamet nice personality is showned in a Time interview about Call me by your name. As he said:


If I’d known in advance that so many people would see the film, I’m not sure I would have done as well.

There were problems in Chalamet’s career too

When he started filming Woody Allen’s A rainy day in New York immediately after Call Me by Your Name.

With Time’s Up and #metoo becoming more widespread. Many people were outraged and called Chalamet to account for working with a director who was accused of sexual abuse by his foster child.

Ahead of the film’s release, Chalamet said on his Instagram page how important it is for him to not only look at a project from a professional perspective, but also to consider aspects such as social injustice, inequality and ending cover-ups. This is why he has decided to donate his entire gas money to three different organisations.

Woody Allen later wrote in his memoirs: He believed that Chalamet had done so only out of fear for his own reputation.


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